7 Amazing Pictures of Planet Earth from Outer Space

Planet Earth from Outer SpaceIt is always surprising to see just how stunning Earth can look when viewed from the outside.  I’ve collected 7 of the best – and most uncommon – pictures of Planet Earth as seen from Outer Space that you probably haven’t seen before.  Hope you enjoy!

Planet Earth seen from Outer Space

Planet Earth seen from Space

Earth Curvature Seen from Space

A great shot showing the curvature of Planet Earth

Earth from Space

Another great shot of Earth from Space

Glaciers Seen from Outer Space

Glaciers seen from Outer Space

The Northern Lights Viewed from Space

The Northern Lights Viewed from Space

Mountain Top seen from Outer Space

A mountain top (Mount Hood) seen from Space

A Volcanic Eruption Seen from Space

A volcano / volcanic eruption seen from Outer Space

As you can see, viewing our planet from a distance really brings on a whole different perspective!

74 Responses to “7 Amazing Pictures of Planet Earth from Outer Space”

  • Joan Salazar says:

    The awesomeness of our beautiful planet! Only an infinite God could have created such a beautiful place as planet Earth,and He created it for our enjoyment.Up there it is inconceivable that there could be so much strife down here. But it is our sad reality. I will be glad for the day when the Prince of Peace, Jesus comes to rule and reign in His Kingdom. Then it will be how He wanted it to be from the beginning.


    suresh k. replied:

    pls. do not bring Jesus into this. Jesus had no idea our planet was a sphere. For him it was flat.


    elle replied:

    suresh, you will in no doubt confess one day that Jesus ( who is the Word of Almighty God made flesh) created the planet earth which you and I live on today. You already know deeply within you that there is a greater being (the true and living God) who is solely responsible for the creating everthing you can see and don’t see. Even if you do’t believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ his son at least acknwoledge the creation itself. Oh Suresh don’t deceive yourself any longer get a bible and read Genesis about the creation of the heavens and earth. Whether you believe or not it is still the Truth and it will never change.


    Robert replied:

    @Joan, thanks for your comments, well said, nature can nurture our faith


    No replied:

    Who created god? Where did God come from? How could God exist in nothing, which really would not really be nothing, since God would be there, and thus, something? Stop putting religion on random things for space. Science video on youtube, just another religious nutjob arguing over God created us with no evidence other than “THE BIBLE AND SINCE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS, THEREFORE GOD!!!!!”


  • Malay Chakraborti says:

    fantastic picture fron this sight.


  • John A. Mason says:

    Thank you for these beautiful fotos. Our Planet Earth is so amazing. Hopefully, we have put most of the pieces together, so human kind can have a lovely future. I did make my commitment to the “Good Side”, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, in his philosophy, teachings, and miraculous spiritual presence TODAY, when I was eleven years old. The Good Side has had a good run so far. We need to try to bring together other points of view, so we can forge ahead. Planetary pollution and over population are daunting problems. Violence, war, and ignorance, and Evil, are threats. Hopefully we can give peace and love a better chance.


  • Anonymous says:

    How anyone can see the pictures and say there is no GOD/CREATOR/MAJESTIC is just not thinking straight!


    One of HIS millions…


  • Saved by GRACE... says:

    Truer Words were never spoke John Mason…HE is the one true living GOD and yes; still on HIS THRONE…


  • Maazi Edu says:

    This is excitingly frightening and also very mysterious. Only our Almighty God can do this. Its really amazing. Never imagined it was like this from outer space.


  • Pramod D says:

    I always truely admire and thank God for creating this beautiful planet earth and intelligent human being, to take care of it. I think all of us must pray God every day and every moment for keeping the gravitational force on the planet earth intact 24/7… Just imagine what will happen if it stops woking for a second only!!…


  • saz says:

    really nice , my son is very curious about galaxy , these pictures satisfied him ,,,,, thanks


  • Harry says:

    Beautiful! In the first picture, what is the story behind the red fire looking spot on the lower right side of the earth? Thanks for sharing.


  • affan khan says:



  • akshay says:

    Really thanks from the core of my Heart to every body who have taken so much of pain to make these photographs reach me


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