6 Incredible Pictures of the Sun from Space

Sun from Space

Our view of the sun can be a bit blinding at times when we look up from here on Earth.  To get a better idea of what the sun looks like, here are 6 great pictures of the sun from space that are sure to put you in awe of that star that is in the center of our solar system.

Earth's Sun

A great view of solar flares

Picture of our sun

Here is the Sun with Dramatic Lighting

Picture of the Sun

A picture showing a closer view of the Sun's edge

Outer Space Sun

An incredible picture of the sun from outer space

The Sun

A more traditional view of the Sun

The Sun outer space

Our Sun

Seeing these up-close pictures of our Sun really makes you think about how crazy it is that there is some massive body floating out there just exploding with light and energy.

37 Responses to “6 Incredible Pictures of the Sun from Space”

  • finlay says:

    the sun is cool man!


  • glee lover says:

    i want to learn abouter space, to know somthing not many people in the world know about. th learn about a new planet and a whole new world.


  • kim says:

    its too hot


    chris replied:

    well its a giant ball of gas of course its hot its nothing but rock gas and fire duh.


  • kim says:

    i want to learn more about in the outer space


  • nakedtruth says:

    Pictures of the sun are always filtered and enhanced for dramatic effect. The sun is white, the whitest thing in the universe. To me that’s dramatic enough.


  • mkj says:

    how big is the sun ,I want to know


    mido alaa replied:

    the sun’s diameter is 130 times bigger than earth….and if it’s hollow it can contain million earths inside it….thats how big it is


  • foo.loo says:

    wow did not realise that i wish i could be the first lady to reach the sun


  • foo.loo says:

    how old has the sun been burning
    i would love to know more about the sun and how it operats and functions


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