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What are the Colors of the 9 Planets in Our Solar System?

Not only is this a trick question, it’s a tricky question to answer. When you think about the colors of the 9 planets in the Solar System, you are actually thinking about the old definition of the Solar System. There are now only 8 planets – 5 years ago (on August 24, 2006) Pluto was demoted to the classification of a dwarf planet. It’s a tricky question because each planet has more than one color so it’s not easy to describe each planet with only one color.

Jupiter Red Spot Facts

Today, I want to take a closer look at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. I thought it would be fun if we discussed some Jupiter Red Spot Facts.

Clouds of Jupiter Made of Hydrogen and Helium

The first thing you see when you look at the atmosphere of Jupiter is the bands of dark and light clouds as well as swirls, waves and oval spots. The patterns are mezmerizing! So what causes this complex mixture of colors and shapes?