Black Holes

Massive Black Hole Eats Galaxy Close to Earth!

Black Hole in Centaurus A

Massive Black Hole Eats Galaxy

It’s not every day that scientists find evidence that a massive black hole is  eating a galaxy.  It’s even cooler when the galaxy happens to be only 10 million light-years away from Earth!

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Black Holes and the Center of Galaxies

Black Hole at Center of Galaxy

We live in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Most of us are familiar with the idea that within this galaxy, we live in our own solar system – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, etc.  However, our galaxy is much larger than our own solar system.  In fact, did you know that a black hole is likely at the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy ?

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The Formation of Stellar Mass Black Holes

Stellar Mass Black Hole

A Stellar Mass Black Hole

Most beleive that a black hole is the result of a collapsed star.  However, did you know that not all black holes come from a star?  Those that do actually have a special name – the stellar black hole.  But what does the formation of a stellar mass black hole consist of?

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The Man Who Discovered Cosmic Black Holes: Karl Schwarzschild

Cosmic Black Hole

A Cosmic Black Hole

Black Holes: They seem like such an major part of the universe we understand today, yet we’ve only known of their existence for less than a hundred years! It was in the year 1916 that a man named Karl Schwarzschild began to prove the existence of black holes based on the research of scientists like Albert Einstein, among others. But who exactly is Karl Schwarzschild, anyway, and how did he come to discover the existence of black holes?

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Black Holes: Complex Physics Cause Mass Matter Absorption

Black Hole

The thought of an object so irresistible with a gravity well so deep that not even light can escape it worries me a bit…

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