NML Cygni – The Largest Star We Currently Know of in the Universe

Large Red Star

You probably know that our Sun is a star.  You also probably know that it is much larger than our own planet, Earth – in fact, you could fit around 1,000,000 Earth’s into the sun!  But – do you know which star is largest star we currently know of?

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A Star Near The End of It’s Life

U Camelopardalis - A Carbon Star

U Camelopardalis – A Carbon Star

The Hubble Space Telescope recently captured this amazing image of a star nearing the end of it’s life.  The above image is of a star known as U Camelopardalis.  It is located near the North Celestial Pole and can be found in the constellation Camelopardalis – also known as The Giraffe.

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The Different Colors of Stars and Why Stars are Colored Differently

Colored Stars in Space

As you may or may not know, stars actually come in a variety of colors.  But do you know all of the different colors that stars can be?  In this post, we will explore why stars come in different colors and then we will identify all of the different colors that stars can be.

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Summer Constellations in the Northern Hemisphere

Star Chart - Summer Constellations

Summer Constellation Star Chart

Now is a great time to sleep out under the stars!  Looking for summer constellations in the in the northern hemisphere is a great way to spend a warm summer night and the place to start your search is the Summer Triangle.

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So, Just What is the Composition of the Sun?

A solar flare

The Surface of the Sun

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post on 6 incredible pictures of the Sun from space.  Since those pictures are indeed pretty incredible, I’m guessing that by now, you’re asking yourself,  “Just what is the composition of the Sun anyway”?   What could produce such great images?

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