The Milky Way Galaxy: a Funny Name


We live in the Milky Way Galaxy.  But, why is it called the Milky Way Galaxy?  This sounds like a strange name if you ask me.  Where did this name come from?

In my opinion, our galaxy should be named more in the format of something you would expect from a science fiction book or movie.  For example, I think a better name for the Milky Way Galaxy would be Galaxy NX4002 Zephyr.  One of the reasons as to why this is a good name is because in every science fiction book, movie, or game, stuff like that is named much more scientifically.  Sure, Milky Way sounds hip, but we’re talking about a galaxy here.

milky-wayLet me ask you this:  If you were watching a science fiction movie, and Princess Xalia from planet Xion 4 had just gotten into her Mark IV v1 Advanced Space Exploration Unit and began inputing her destination, would you want her to telepathically input “Milky Way” or “Galaxy NX4002 Zephyr?”  Obviously this is a rhetorical question because we all know that Galaxy NX4002 Zephyr would be much better.

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9 Responses to “The Milky Way Galaxy: a Funny Name”

  • Klaatu says:

    The original name of the Milky Way Galaxy in latin is Via Lactea. I think that sounds pretty cool.


    unknown replied:

    yeah that is a cool name so i think your right!


  • unknown says:

    i like the sound of milky way it reminds me of the candy and the milky way looks pretty cool too!


  • Rox says:

    Ok so where did the name come from? The info under the picture says that it would be explained where the “Milky Way” got it’s name… not what it should or could be called….


  • KLS says:

    The name “Milky Way” came from before the advent of electric lights (ie, light pollution). You’d look up and see a great swath of milky-white light stretching across the night sky. You can still (sorta) see it if you go waaaaay out away from the city (I would recommend a desert).


  • tina says:

    is it really milky way or bad translation


    Greg - Staff Writer replied:

    It’s really Milky Way!


  • Maryam says:

    If you ever see the night sky in the absolute darkness of the desert, you wouldn’t be asking why it is called Milky Way! It truly looks like a milky road, it’s astonishing, so beautiful. I’ve seen it once and I would LOVE to see it again.


  • tindog says:

    That’s true, in areas of low light pollution the Orion arm of our galaxy looks like a milky Road or “way” across the sky… hence, Milky Way… I agree it is a stupid name and we should be using the Latin. What is even stupider is the name they are giving to the massive combined galaxy after we collide with Andromeda, Milkdromeda… really? Somebody fix that please!


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