NASA to Announce Bacterial DNA Composed with Arsenic

While it hasn’t been completely confirmed, sources say that NASA’s big news conference today will confirm the existence of a bacteria that uses Arsenic in place of Phosphorus in its DNA building blocks.  This is big news, because it essentially changes the way we understand the possibility of life.

Unforunately, this new living bacteria was not discovered on a different planet, but instead was discovered in Mono Lake, California.  However, the fact that its genetic makeup consists of Arsenic in the place of Phosphorus means greatly changes our perceived chances of finding life on other planets.    Previously, all life as we knew it consisted of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus.  Until this point, nothing we have discovered has strayed from these consistent building blocks of life.  With the discovery of a new bacteria that uses Arsenic in place of Phosphorus, our understanding of life has been changed completely!

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