NML Cygni – The Largest Star We Currently Know of in the Universe

Large Red Star

You probably know that our Sun is a star.  You also probably know that it is much larger than our own planet, Earth – in fact, you could fit around 1,000,000 Earth’s into the sun!  But – do you know which star is largest star we currently know of?

Despite the seemingly massive size of our Sun, it actually pales in size compared to some other stars in the universe.  We have discovered many stars that are bigger than the Sun.  Out of all of those stars, the biggest one we’ve currently discovered is called NML Cygni.  Believe it or not, this star is about 1,650 times bigger than the Sun!  This staggering size is almost unfathomable and is extremely difficult to truly grasp.  For starters, over one billion Earths could fit inside of it!

The NML Cygni is considered to be what is known as a “hypergiant” star, which is a broad term currently used to describe the brightest and largest stars in the universe.  However, it is about 5,300 lightyears away from our planet, so don’t expect to get an up close look of it any time soon!

To get a better idea of just how big the NML Cygni is, check out the video below.  It shows a good comparison of the sizes of things in the universe, from the smallest to the largest.  However, this video was made before the NML Cygni was discovered and shows the VY Canis Majoris as the largest known star, which it was at the time this video was made.  The VY Canis Majoris is 1,420 times larger than our Sun (and again, the NML Cygni is 1,650 times larger than our Sun!).

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9 Responses to “NML Cygni – The Largest Star We Currently Know of in the Universe”

  • blake says:

    this is cool stuff


  • Somebody who knows maths says:

    NML Cygni is cool. Author’s mixing of units is totally uncool. Radius of NML Cygni is 1,650 bigger than the Sun. Volume-wise it’s 4.5 billion larger than the Sun. So you could fit 4.5 billion x 1,000,000 Earths into NML Cygni


  • Sultan says:

    Regardless of the size of this great star

    I have a question does not depend Are there bigger than these stars that the person wandering in the desert does not think the quality of the water like a thirst to fill what he thinks I’m lost for thousands of years to see the sky or space and wonder of God’s creation.

    Is the creation of man, animals and plants easier or created the heavens and the galaxies and the vast universe

    Answer that created the heavens, it is the hardest thing creates or shown out of nowhere is the idol first and last


  • Leilani says:

    there are probly even bigger stars than NML


  • Chandler says:

    I hope so!


  • Pankaj Kumar Sinha says:

    Agreed with all but not with this word ” God’s creation.”


    Alexander Idrus Zulkarnain replied:

    So it create itself like you created yourselves.? Is it important to get your agreement in God’s creation.? You must be very important person Kumar !


  • Of Swats says:

    I think sultan might have been drunk, so he may not even agree with “god’s creation”


  • joseph says:

    is it massive?


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