OK, So I Finally Watched Avatar!

I have to get this off my chest…..  I finally watched Avatar this past weekend.  I never went to the theater.  I never saw it in 3D.  Instead,  I waited for it to come out on DVD and watched it at home.  I know what you’re thinking – that I’m probably the last one on the planet to see it AND that I missed out on all the awesomeness that the film had to offer on the 3D big screen.

I realize that this is a departure for this site.  I try to stick to the science of our universe, but I enjoyed the film immensely and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

First, the planet Pandora.  It is depicted as orbiting what looks like a gas giant.  Could it be possible for an earth-like planet to develop in orbit around a gas giant?  You didn’t see much of Pandora’s sun in the film so it was hard to discern whether or not it was a main sequence star like our sun.  There was water on the planet, so the temperatures had to be close to our on Earth.  The depiction of the Pandoran night sky filled with the glow of the nearby gas giant was way cool. 

I wonder what the atmosphere was?  Humans had to wear masks, but could survive for up to 4 minutes without one.  The color of the sky was blue, so there must have been nitrogen and oxygen.  It is also curious that humans could have exposed skin – meaning that the radiation from Pandora’s sun didn’t harm human skin.

It was said that the natives – the Na’vi – had a skeleton infused with carbon fiber.  How could that happen?  I did like the blue color of their skin.  I wonder what biologic trigger would cause that to happen.

So how about the Halleluja Mountains?  The image of the floating mountains quite unexpected and an interesting idea.  Could it be possible for a material to have properties on another planet that would cause it to float?  Cool indeed!

I’ve only watched the movie once (hey, three hours is a LONG TIME for a MOVIE!)  I’m sure that I’ll watch it again and no doubt, come up with some other thoughts.   One thing I know for sure, I should have seen this one in the theater!

What are your thoughts?  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen it yet?

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4 Responses to “OK, So I Finally Watched Avatar!”

  • Mike Hamlin says:

    This movie was the best movie ive ever seen. it was great. ide be fine with riding the Terodactal type thing.


  • Aaron says:

    I like your analysis. I was wondering abou the star/sun for that planet aswell. The same for the gas giant which looked really firmillar. I’d say Jupiter…


  • Jen says:

    Do you think when we die that its just the end of life for us?


  • Domunique says:

    I like the movie, Avatar, very much,a lot to think about. To me, it seemed to combine spiritual connection and science. Everything was connected, planets, animals and the natives.


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