6 Incredible Pictures of the Sun from Space

Sun from Space

Our view of the sun can be a bit blinding at times when we look up from here on Earth.  To get a better idea of what the sun looks like, here are 6 great pictures of the sun from space that are sure to put you in awe of that star that is in the center of our solar system.

Earth's Sun

A great view of solar flares

Picture of our sun

Here is the Sun with Dramatic Lighting

Picture of the Sun

A picture showing a closer view of the Sun's edge

Outer Space Sun

An incredible picture of the sun from outer space

The Sun

A more traditional view of the Sun

The Sun outer space

Our Sun

Seeing these up-close pictures of our Sun really makes you think about how crazy it is that there is some massive body floating out there just exploding with light and energy.

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