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Flawless Launch of STS-134 Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Endeavour on the Launch Pad Prior to Launch

The Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-134) left the launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center today at 8:56am in what looked to be a flawless lift off.  For those of you who had a chance to watch it live, it was a fantastic finish to Endeavour’s nearly 20 years of service.

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New Launch Date for STS-134 Endeavour Set for May 16, 2011


STS-134 Space Shuttle Endeavour Crew

A new launch date for STS-134, Space Shuttle Endeavour has been set for May 16, 2011.   Endeavour’s original launch was set for April 29, but was scrubbed due to an electrical problem in what is called the Load Control Assembly-2 (LCA-2).  This piece of equipment distributes power to various systems in the Shuttle and is believed to have caused fuel line heaters for Endeavour’s auxiliary power unit-1 (APU-1) to fail.

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