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Saturn and Two Moons: Dione and Titan

saturn, dione, and titan

Two of Saturn's Moons: Titan and Dione

You know….NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has taken some pretty amazing pictures, but this has to be one of the best.  This image, released on December 22, 2011 shows Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, almost eclipsing Saturn’s fourth-largest moon, Dione.  Fantastic!

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April is the Best Month to See Saturn this Year


The Planet Saturn

Saturn will rule the night sky throughout the month of April this year.  The Earth is between the Sun and Saturn and Saturn’s rings are tilted toward the Earth almost nine degrees.  Both of these factors will make for some great viewing.

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How are Planetary Rings Formed and Which Planets Have Them?

Saturn Rings

Planetary Rings around Saturn

Most of us have seen the pictures of the lone planet out in space with a dusty looking flat ring orbiting all of the way around it.  These rings seem both alien and intriguing – why is it that some planets have rings and our own Earth does not, and which planets in our solar system have such rings?

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The Rings of Planet Saturn: Particles of Water Ice

The Rings of Saturn

Saturn's Rings - Highlighted by the Eclipsed Sun

Did you know that Saturn’s rings are made up of particles of water ice?  Saturn has the most extensive and complicated ring system of any planet in our solar system.  These beautiful rings are primarily made up of particles of ice ranging in size from micrometers to meters.  They also contain dust and other chemicals.

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