What is the temperature of Outer Space?

The Temperature of Outer SpaceMost of us probably know that it is cold in outer space – but how cold is it, exactly?  Is the temperature of outer space the same everywhere, or does the temperature differ in different areas?  Read on for answers to these questions and more.

Giving a single temperature for outer space is actually inaccurate because the temperature does vary in different areas of space.  Therefore, it is difficult to sum up the temperature of space without giving some clarification of how that overall temperature was determined.

Even though we think of space as being mostly made of up various planets and stars, the reality is the vast majority of space is really just empty space – the space between planets, stars, asteroids, etc.  It is in these empty spaces where the temperature of outer space is at its coldest.  Scientists believe that the temperature in these areas is nearly absolute zero.  Absolute zero is the scientific term for the temperature at which all activity stops – more specifically, the temperature at which molecules, atoms, and electrons stop moving.  This is theoretically the coldest temperature that can be attained.

In more exact terms, the temperature of the emptiness of outer space is about 3 degrees Kelvin.  In the Kelvin temperature scale, 0 degrees is absolute zero,  so obviously the temperature of outer space is nearly absolute zero and very cold!

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49 Responses to “What is the temperature of Outer Space?”

  • Joe T.H. says:

    There is a form of unexplained dynamic energy that exist between the planets. The fact is there is no void in outer space.


  • AbsolutelyNobody says:

    I would say yes, but I wouldn’t plan on setting up camp in the vacuum of space, 75° or not…


  • Amar Bhattacharya says:

    A very brief and specific explanation. Good.


  • chris says:

    If there are no molicules of matter then there can be no temperature. I wouls say the temperature remains near absolute until you get to the suns atmosphere????


    jeff replied:

    Earth is inside the subs atmosphere already i think?


  • Allan says:

    As expected, NASA pulled down the Brain Bites video from their site to cover up their lies about Apollo going into “Outer Space”. Glad to see you are a free thinker Paul who knows the truth about NASA’s lies. Sadly, it never dawns on most people (they don’t think it thru) why no other country has ever even attemped to send men to the Moon, not even into orbit around our satellite. NASA may have fooled most that they found a way around The Laws of Themodynamics, but they haven’t made fools out of all of us.


  • Wayne says:

    Sorry to get technical, but there is no such thing as 3 degrees Kelvin…it’s simply 3 Kelvin! The Kelvin scale is a measure of energy and is not based on the freezing point and boiling point of water at standard pressure. Therefore, the Kelvin scale is measured in “Kelvins” not “degrees Kelvin” I.e. outer space has an average temp of 3 Kelvin.


  • debrahswag4God says:

    I dont know if this is real or not but this pic is really pretty. Does anyone agree?


  • Mark Briones says:

    I agree with you


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