What Mineral Resources Can Be Found on the Moon?

Moon Mineral Resources

The Moon: Earth's next source of mineral resources?

Landing on the moon is one of the greatest accomplishments that humans have achieved. The fact that we were able to land on an object that is separated from our planet by thousands of miles of empty space is astonishing. However, instead of merely being a place to set foot on, is it possible that the moon can be a useful mineral resource for us? What exactly is the moon made out of, anyway?

The soil of the moon has some similarities to that of Earth. However, there is one major characteristic that causes it to be quite different. The lack of living matter on the Moon causes the soil to lack organic compounds. This leaves a more basic set of elements that the Moon is made up of – mainly oxygen, magnesium, silicon, iron, aluminum, and calcium.

Resources like this are commonly found on the Earth. This means that the value of mining on the Moon is potentially not very worthwhile. The costs associated with trying to undertake a mineral mining expedition – especially the high costs associated with traveling through space – make the prospects of mining on the Moon pretty unappealing. However, even though scientists have largely determined the makeup of the surface soil on the Moon, the contents of its inner core are still a mystery. It is only because of this that there still is a possibility of valuable mineral resources on the moon and that mining may in fact be worthwhile despite the high potential costs.

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7 Responses to “What Mineral Resources Can Be Found on the Moon?”

  • JOJO says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!I did not know that the moon was like that.My teacher told me about how the moon was,but,this photo lets it easier for me to understand/comprehend


  • Selim says:

    The copcent of fusion energy is an exciting one, but in order to drive private exploration of the Moon for helium-3, we’ll need to have the technology made practical and implemented. I think private companies will do a much better job of Moon/space exploration than governments, but they need to have a strong profit motive to do so. Helium-3 might provide that motive, but I can’t see private Moon missions taking place before 2020.


  • alicia says:

    I think it would be worth it;for several reasons,basic resources,and unknown ones…plus if there is realy ice on its south pole and metals on its surface then there may be nickle and other discoveries…also i think if the base is accomplished then future generations can launch from there and go further into space…


  • alicia says:

    oh they say thier is one more thing the moon is made up of besides the list above does anyone else know?


  • ABHIJEET says:

    thank you ..
    the elements were helpful for my presentation


  • C.F.P. Waldmann says:

    This is very helpful. Im making a game about lving on the moon in the year 2053. Now i know what materials can be used!


  • craig Swindall says:

    They forgot to mention cheese.


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