5 Notable Planets Located Outside of Solar System with Pictures

Planets Outside Our Solar System

The planets located in our own solar system are by far the most well-known planets for the majority of people.  Yet, as you might guess, there are many planets located outside of our own solar system.  These planets are known as extrasolar planets, or exoplanets.  While you might think there are thousands of known exoplanets, scientists have only identified around 650 of them to date.  Here are 5 of the more notable planets located outside our own solar system:

1. 91 Aquarii b

Reason it is notable:  It has 5 suns

91 Aquarii b

The exoplanet 91 Aquarii b

2.  Gliese 876 b

Reason it is notable:  It is a gas giant (like Jupiter) that may be habitable – not habitable by humans, but conditions exist that may allow the existence of water and potentially other lifeforms.

Gliese 876 b

Gliese 876 b - A planet located outside our solar system

3. COROT-7b

Reason it is notable:  It is a “Super-Earth” that is completely coated in lava.


Extrasolar Planet COROT-7b

4.  Gliese 581 d 

Reason it is notable:  This is considered an exoplanet that is the closest to resemble our own – it shares many of the characteristics that make our planet habitable by us.  It is possible that this planet has water and even life, life that may share many similarities to the life on Earth.

Gliese 581 d

Exoplanet Gliese 581 d

5.  HD 209458 b

Reason it is notable:  We have been able to identify the composition of the atmosphere of this exoplanet, a rare feat.

HD 209458 b

HD 209458 b - One of many exoplanets

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8 Responses to “5 Notable Planets Located Outside of Solar System with Pictures”

  • Sarah says:

    OMG. I never knew a planet could have five Suns. I ever knew a planet could be simalar to ours with water and even some life. I never knew a planet could be completely covered with lava. I never knew a planet could look like it is multi – coloured. I never knew a planet could be a gas giant like Jupiter. I know loads about space what the heck am I missing out on?


  • yea says:

    how many light years away
    what is this planet chemical composition,
    what is its size and daiameter and spin velocity


  • yea says:

    how many of the planets have atmospheres or partial atmospheres and how many are gas or fluid planets?


  • ASWIN.S.LAL says:

    These planets r super coooooooooooooooool!!!.i just want to look a planet through a telescope(one of my biggest dreams)


  • Science Lover! says:

    lol You guys hilariuous! Theres lots out there! LOOK IT UP!!!


  • Steve says:

    where do i find more photos of this quality


  • NightMareMoon31 says:

    Exoplanet Gliese looks alot like Earth,with phases like the moon, which i am still stuck on now…


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