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We get a lot of comments here on Outer Space Universe.  This is one of our all time favorites so far!

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Red, White, and Blue Stellar Fireworks in Distant Galaxy

NGC 4449

NGC 4449

As Americans celebrate their Independence Day today, I thought we should look to the heavens to find a celestial celebration.  In the distant galaxy NGC 4449, you can find the colors red, white, and blue ablaze in new star forming regions which resemble fireworks!

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Crescent Moon Photos

Crescent Moon 2/4/2011

I shot these pictures of the Crescent Moon last night.  It was a beautiful, clear night and the Moon was hovering on the horizon just after sunset. Read the rest of this entry >>

Thinking About Time – Farewell to a Good Friend

Tonight, I’m thinking about time.   The amount of time that we spend on this earth – aware of ourselves and our surroundings – seems extremely short when you compare our lifespan to the age of our universe.  Some estimate the age of our universe to be around 13.7 billion years.  There seems to be a disconnect.  How could the universe be so old and our lifespan so short?  Why can’t we all live longer – to enjoy our family and friends for hundreds if not thousands of years? It’s not like the universe is going to end quickly so that our lives have to end quickly as well, right?

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What is the temperature of Outer Space?

The Temperature of Outer SpaceMost of us probably know that it is cold in outer space – but how cold is it, exactly?  Is the temperature of outer space the same everywhere, or does the temperature differ in different areas?  Read on for answers to these questions and more.

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