Favorite Reader Comments on Outer Space Universe

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We get a lot of comments here on Outer Space Universe.  This is one of our all time favorites so far!

Who the [heck] are you guys?

I got sucked in here by a black hole.

So I don’t know if this site is really safe or legit.

You do not have any info that I can see.

That explains who you are.

No physical address or anything like that.

It would sure be nice to know more or should I say anything about you.

What is the source of your information and facts.

What is your intent?

Sure hope there is no spy or adware here.

I was on the Hubble site before, then somehow ended up here.

But don’t feel you are connected to that or the NASA site.

Must be some aliens from outer space.

I am an earthling, I come in peace.

     –  Robert

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35 Responses to “Favorite Reader Comments on Outer Space Universe”

  • thadius says:

    sorry, ALIENS


  • ANISH YADAV says:

    I want meet you any time,Allien


  • Caleb says:

    aliens are just unknown species so dont be afraid


  • Arfaq ahmed says:

    what is a temperature of outer space? kindly tell if any one know?


    Greg - Staff Writer replied:

    We did a post about that! You can find the information here at Outerspace Universe. We did a post called “What is the temperature of Outer Space?”


  • Vince says:

    We should create an organization, S.E.T.I. maybe, and get right on that search for intelligent life thingy…. by the way that’s sarcasm….


  • Haley says:

    Hey for every one Aliens can be little microscopic little things On mars a rover discovered some but after mars was hit with a Solar flare ( Scienctist think this is right ) it lost its magnetic field so it became cold and all living things microscopic or not froze so look it up the episode “Mutant planets” on the show “The Universe and how it works” Its a good one telling you about other life forms that may or may not be here Yeah don’t believe I’m nine do you?


  • Haley says:

    The universe seems lonely and sad if we are the only living things in it you know guys….


  • Haley says:

    Hey aliens can be tiny or HUGE tiny is in microscopic and HUGE as in bigger than 20 elephants so yeah aliens can be any where really some can be mint for like -100 f coldness or 1000 degrees f so yeah and they might not need water like us or mabey no food even so you never know were a alien can come from


  • anonymous says:

    i dont think that aliens do not need food cuz they need an energy source as the energy cannot exist by itself and it only can transform in 2 another energy. I m sure that they at least get their energy from another energy but they r still consuming something right?


  • Dickie H says:

    It would be sad if we are the only life. I hope that we are not alone. There’s gotta be something else somewhere.


    amanda replied:

    yes there is!


  • RJM says:

    Area 51, guys. Area 51.
    Besides that, I’ve seen weird lights in the sky at night and other strange things. Its real. It has to be. It seems pretty ignorant to think that we are the ONLY living things in this giant universe. Its cool (but also kinda scary,) to think about.
    (I’m putting this on here again because I’m not sure it made it on here when I put it on here before.:))


  • Adam says:

    Earth is a microscopic, needle point, smaller than a tiny grain of salt compared to our solar system let alone the rest of the entirety that is space. Earth would have to be crazy to think its the only place with life. You can bet there’s life out there some where. Will WE ever find it? I hope not because the human race is a vicious and violent race that will prob destroy it.


    Anonymous replied:

    Yep Earth would prob. attack first and destroy it. It is a common trait of us. We get scared and attack.


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