Thinking About Time – Farewell to a Good Friend

Tonight, I’m thinking about time.   The amount of time that we spend on this earth – aware of ourselves and our surroundings – seems extremely short when you compare our lifespan to the age of our universe.  Some estimate the age of our universe to be around 13.7 billion years.  There seems to be a disconnect.  How could the universe be so old and our lifespan so short?  Why can’t we all live longer – to enjoy our family and friends for hundreds if not thousands of years? It’s not like the universe is going to end quickly so that our lives have to end quickly as well, right?

What hurts is when a normal lifespan gets cut short.  I lost a good friend this past week.  He was only on this Earth 51 years.  He was taken from us early by a disease we haven’t figured out how to cure yet – cancer.  I will miss him. Despite the fact that we spent high school and college together, despite the fact that our families became close friends and spent many years together – we didn’t have enough time. 

The Theory of Relativity allows for time to be relative – to slow down as you approach the speed of light.  My friend was able to do more in his short life than many of us ever hope to accomplish in a normal lifetime.  He was a great husband and father and he raised two beautiful daughters.  He influenced the lives of many people – people he worked with and played with.

He was very good at traveling at the speed of light.

God Speed Greg.

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6 Responses to “Thinking About Time – Farewell to a Good Friend”

  • Deno says:

    Well I like your discussion, but Im sad, sad because we believe
    the norm even when we look out into an infinate universe we still remain in our limited thinking on some things. Ive had cancer, and its not incurable, the cure is not viable for those in control so its quietly hidden, and the nobodies find it and use it while the rich and famous die, why this earth is full of things as marvelous and what we see and love in space lets look but dont upset the wrong people. There are many things hear and look at what we do with technology, but not with medicine think. your friend Denise


    Nobody replied:

    Agreed :\


  • Sarah says:

    What I think is probably not a true fact. I agree with anyone who thinks that Human Life is short because The Universe’s life is short. It is very odd though. There probably is a connection between Human Life and The Universe’s Life, who can say that it isn’t nobody knows.


  • Adam says:

    The infinite universe made is made by an infinite creator who offers us infinite life after this temporary body is gone.


  • Christmas Star says:

    Adam, so beautifully written. The shame that I find in all of this is that how can one not believe that we have an awesome Father who created all of this? How can we subtract there being an infinitely intelligent creator. None of this comes from some Big Bang. I just don’t believe that. This is far too thought out for there to be simply something exploding without thought behind it. Of course there is life beyond this mass of flesh. Look at the Universe and it has already described how vast our creator is. There IS more to life than where we are or who we are. The truth is very difficult to except. The fact that stars burn out and that there are asteroids tell us that there is much more to life on earth and that we go on, but we just do not want to accept that we answer to Him. We want to believe that we alone have this infinite to and of ourselves. It just isn’t so. When we believe that and accept that fact, all of the answers that we have ever sought will come abundantly to each of us. But until we believe, we annihilate ourselves and we, therefore, shorten our own span. No one has to agree with what I am saying. I am only asking to think deeply about this, with out “self understanding” but beyond self. Beyond self is where we find truth.


  • Rex says:

    I agree with Adam…. im just passing through.


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