The Universe

Cosmic Stardust: Proof Matter Existed Before Earth

Presolar Dust Stardust

There are many who believe that Earth came into existence at (or very near) the same time the known universe was born.  However, recent research suggests that this may actually not be the case.  Scientists have gathered evidence that indicates solids existed before planet Earth was an actual object.  One such piece of evidence is stardust.

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Large Celestial Bodies: What is the Largest Object in Space?

Celestial Bodies

Space is vast – our own planet, which basically consists of everything most of us know, understand, and are familiar with, makes up a very tiny part of the entire universe.  In fact, the entire galaxy (the Milky Way Galaxy) makes up far less than 1% of the universe.  The sun, the biggest celestial body in our own solar system, is nothing compared to some of the largest celestial objects that exist.  That begs the question – what is the largest celestial object in outer space?

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What is the Christmas Star?

Christmas Star

The Christmas Star is also known as the Star of Bethlehem.  It is a star that, in the Christian tradition, shown brightly for a short period of time and heralded the birth of Christ.  We like to stick to the science of the universe here at Outerspace Universe, so let’s explore what may have actually happened 2,000 years ago.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Thinking About Time – Farewell to a Good Friend

Tonight, I’m thinking about time.   The amount of time that we spend on this earth – aware of ourselves and our surroundings – seems extremely short when you compare our lifespan to the age of our universe.  Some estimate the age of our universe to be around 13.7 billion years.  There seems to be a disconnect.  How could the universe be so old and our lifespan so short?  Why can’t we all live longer – to enjoy our family and friends for hundreds if not thousands of years? It’s not like the universe is going to end quickly so that our lives have to end quickly as well, right?

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Our Universe: Expanding, Evolving, and Massive in Scale

model-of-the-universeSo….what is the Universe?  The Universe is, well, everything!  It is everything that we know exists and everything else – things we don’t even know, let alone understand.  The Universe contains all the physical things that we can see and touch like matter as well as all the space in between.  It contains all the laws that govern how the things we know behave –  like gravity and time. It encompasses dimensions like height, width and length. It is everything!

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