Cosmic Stardust: Proof Matter Existed Before Earth

Presolar Dust Stardust

There are many who believe that Earth came into existence at (or very near) the same time the known universe was born.  However, recent research suggests that this may actually not be the case.  Scientists have gathered evidence that indicates solids existed before planet Earth was an actual object.  One such piece of evidence is stardust.

Stardust, also known as presolar grains, are distinct bits of matter that are found inside meteorites.  By studying these bits and comparing them to the materials that make up the rest of a meteorite, it can be determined, or at least it can be considered plausible,  that the stardust is actually older than our own solar system.

It is important to note that not all cosmic dust is considered stardust – in fact, the fact majority of cosmic dust is material other than stardust.  More specifically, less than one-tenth of one percent of cosmic dust would be considered stardust.

An interesting fact about stardust is that some consider it to be a catalyst by which storm clouds are formed.  When stardust or similar ash material gets high into the atmosphere, clouds can begin to form, as long as other weather related conditions allow for such cloud formation.

While the notion that our planet, and even our own solar system, may have appeared long after other solid materials were formed in the universe can be shocking, the presence of stardust seems to indicate this is true.

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3 Responses to “Cosmic Stardust: Proof Matter Existed Before Earth”

  • bruce says:

    i think that to get to the begining of the universe we have to learn more about the elements that make up everything that we know . we know that molicules and atoms had to collide to start the process but they had to collide at incredible speeds to cause fusion and the only place that that had to take place is in space because the solor winds are the only thing that could move fast enough to cause fusion back in that time when the universe was formed and these collions kept on colliding and someof them collided they started the process of fusion which led to all of the elements that we know of today as these sub atomic particles collided they started forming mass as we know it as the mass grew they grew bigger and as they were still moving at very hi speeds and as the mass was growing bigger and bigger the mass te gave birth to gravity some of the particals formed into different types of gases and and liquits thus we have the three types of matter as we know it as the solor winds would carry these clumps of matter through out space they may have run into other types of matter then one day two peices of solid matter collided as they were moving threw a gas cloud of hydrogen and nitrogen and the results were amazing a star was born from the sparks of the two solid masses collided and fused together to make up the core of the star causing protons and nuetrons started the process of fushion to form protons and this process is nukeular fushion
    this is all in theiory and i think that threw this process is how our universe began as these events repeated its self


  • Andrew Diaz Baird says:

    to think that earth could quite possible be younger than stardust from metorites that have formed into what we now know is the UNIVERSE today witch mite just be 15 million years old


  • Haley says:

    Ok yeah earth did NOT come first because how did earth get it’s oceans? From water comets yeah its just frozen H2o in the form of a comet that crashed in to the earths atnouspere Cool right?


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