Extraterrestrial Aliens: Alien Creatures from Other Planets


Aliens.  The mere mention of the word makes one think of creatures that come from a foreign place.  For some, aliens are pictured as green with tentacles on their faces and three legs instead of the typical two legs that we as humans have.  For the rest, aliens look just like humans, the only difference being that they came from a different planet; a planet other than Earth.

Do aliens exist?  Probably.  Have I ever seen one?  Who knows.  That’s the thing about aliens – we may not know if we have seen one or not because they may look just like us.

While we may picture them being all green and coming in flying a UFO shaped like two bowls enclosed on top of one another with several antennae sticking out of the top, the reality is that they may look just like us and their UFO may be able to shape-shift into a car or other common form of transportation once they have landed on Earth.  Or, it may even be able to put on the illusion of a different shape (e.g. a red manual transmission car) while still actually being the two bowl shape that we most commonly expect.

Pretty crazy stuff if you ask me.

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38 Responses to “Extraterrestrial Aliens: Alien Creatures from Other Planets”

  • Science Lover! says:

    I mean who know there might be a solar system EXACTLY like ours and they too think that there is another exists…US! Haha!


  • Bored A'f says:

    There has to be life out there , maybe not close , and we mite never find them but thell find us. I bet there is billions of different races out there sum super-intelligent and sum dumb as a rock . Think about all the ufo sightings and think about how big this universe is. What if there is billions of universes, just like there is galaxies? Just blows my mind


  • Bobo says:

    We all know that energy can not be created but only shifted from one form to another. Well that`s our perception in a material world anyway. Our Souls on the other hand do not have any need for that, but uses a vessel (Body) to interact with other souls through the body`s lifetime. Our perception of ET`s is always thought of materialisctic beings where in fact it could just be the opposite.This is a topic so vast but in a nut shell…what happens in the material world also happens in the spirit world. Kain murdered Able and after that God said your brother`s spirit is calling me from the blood from the earth. It was the end of his Material life but not his Soul (Energy transformed to join the spirit world) Every single day of our lifes on earth we are being visited by ET spiritual beings that influence our souls which influence our minds which tells our body`s what to do.


  • Joshua says:

    Don’t be fooled by this hype, there are such things as fallen angles who seek out as many gullible souls into believing that they in fact had something to do with man’s creation.There is only one true creator and he is our Lord God.


  • Bob says:

    I have found a UFO around my house last year. What I see with my eyes it is true and the UFO was masive.


  • mahmoud says:

    am keen of this issue and i believe in the existence of alien creatures >>>>>iam sure that usa have a big amount of informations about this issue but they still insist on keep it away from the world>>>>.selfishness


  • texasluva says:

    We already know their are planets revolving around their Suns in our Galaxy. Maybe as many as a trillion. Just a million to one that they are inhabited with some sort of life that would be 100000 with life just in our Galaxy alone. The odds that we will ever find out because of the distances alone and travel time in the thousands of years are remote at best. They are out there, we just can not find them.


    Charlie Bvute replied:

    I say that we are not alone and have never been alone,cos it does not simply add up that us human beings on planet earth can be the only living beings in the entire cosmic world!?Besides us humans are a bunch of a primitive lot,who still need a lot of education in loving each other.Until we learn how to look after our planet and care for each other with out been selfish,it will be difficult to get into direct contact with these advanced beings from other planets.


  • emabee psycho says:

    well, aliens maybe exist but they’re living far far away from our galaxy, called milky way.


  • smitt hominey says:

    yeah baby they’re out there!! oooWWoooow!!!


  • Mico says:

    I wonder f they make a huge faster machine and they come to our galaxy hahaha we will suffer we will be alien slaves 4rever


  • yancristo says:

    who knows??? i really think were not the only living creatures in this life time…. how i wish they can visit Earth! haha


  • matanad says:

    i think they must be on earth already, cause they are more advanced than human beings technologically


  • rocketman681 says:

    stop the guessing, the government admitts E.T.s are real, Religons tells us they are real, get a telescope and camera and STOP THE GUESSING


  • Haley says:

    Hey there WAS other life to a planet right next to us: MARS it had tiny little microscopic living things on the planet but unfortunately they all died out do to the cold that’s kind of sad right because there might be living animals or beings to be capable to live on that planet watch the show “The Universe and how it Works” and the episode “Mutant Planets” I think


  • Joanie says:

    They exist. It’s hard to think we’re the only living beings in the universe.

    I’ve seen them. Not only have I been visited personally but I’ve also seen them in public. Yes, in public. On the bus, in the grocery store, disguised as humans. Normal, everyday people.

    The times I’ve been visited have been friendly occasions, I’m not sure what the exact message they’ve been trying to convey to me has been, but I know for sure they’re watching out for me. For all of us.

    The couple times I saw them among us, they were here strictly for observation. I locked eyes with one, and felt a strange sense in my mind and realised he knew I could tell he wasn’t from here.

    So yes, from personal experience, I know extra terrestrial life exists. Some of them didn’t even come from far away in distance, but from planet earth in the future. Yes, we find a way to time travel, eventually.

    Long after the evils that rule this world have become a memory, those of us who are intuitive, mindful, and with truly good spirits will have evolved so far beyond what we are now. If you have telepathic abilities or even just an inkling of a sixth sense, you are likely an ancestor of these beings. Very distant ancestors like the cro-magnon were to modern humans.

    This is only one girl’s account of E.T. existence, I still have yet to meet anyone who has had any contact.


  • Yavin says:

    All I heard aliens are creatures of superior intelligence


  • thabo says:

    I’m from south africa guys and I also think God didn’t make earth alone..theres others out there more advanced and they come here alot and who are we to say they visit? For all we know this might gave been their planet. would love to share more.oh watch the sky’s more often at night guys..u will b blown away at what u see.even better if u hv a telescope


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