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What are the Colors of the 9 Planets in Our Solar System?

Solar System

Colors of the 9 Planets

Not only is this a trick question, it’s a tricky question to answer.  When you think about the colors of the 9 planets in the Solar System, you are actually thinking about the old definition of the Solar System.  There are now only 8 planets – 5 years ago (on August 24, 2006) Pluto was demoted to the classification of a dwarf planet.  It’s a tricky question because each planet has more than one color so it’s not easy to describe each planet with only one color.  Trick questions and tricky answers never scare us here at Outer Space Universe so we’ll give you the answer!

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The Oort Cloud: Made of Comets, Has Massive Diameter


Not only fun to spell, fun to say as well!  Oort.  Not too many words begin with more than one o!  The Oort Cloud is named after Dutch astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort.

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Bodies and Planets Found in Our Whole Solar System


Our solar system is a nine planet system and is part of the Milky Way Galaxy – that oddly named galaxy. There is a bit of controversy around exactly how many planets there are in the solar system because some astronomers don’t count lowly Pluto. Hey, in my mind, if your big enough to be noticed from Earth, you should be counted!

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