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The Remains of a Sun-like Star: The Necklace Nebula

The Necklace Nebula

If our sun had a large binary companion, what would it’s remains look like?  Quite possibly the Necklace Nebula.  This planetary nebula, which contains the remnants of a sun-like star, was recently discovered in 2005 during the Isaac Newton Telescope Photometric H-alpha Survey (IPHAS).

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Solar Phenomenons: The Sun, Sunspots, and Current Sunspot Activity



Sunspots are a phenomena that occur on the surface of the sun and can bee seen as dark spots against the brighter surface.  They are very transient in nature – meaning they don’t last very long and change shape rapidly.

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So, Just What is the Composition of the Sun?

A solar flare

The Surface of the Sun

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post on 6 incredible pictures of the Sun from space.  Since those pictures are indeed pretty incredible, I’m guessing that by now, you’re asking yourself,  “Just what is the composition of the Sun anyway”?   What could produce such great images?

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Bodies and Planets Found in Our Whole Solar System


Our solar system is a nine planet system and is part of the Milky Way Galaxy – that oddly named galaxy. There is a bit of controversy around exactly how many planets there are in the solar system because some astronomers don’t count lowly Pluto. Hey, in my mind, if your big enough to be noticed from Earth, you should be counted!

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