Outer Space is Deep, Astronomical, and Covers a Vast Distance

outer-spaceThe more I think about it, the more I realize that outer space is huge.  If you look up at the sky at night, you will see many stars (assuming it isn’t cloudy).  Each one of those stars in outer space can potentially have 1 or more planets around it.  Some semi-quick math tells you that even if there were only 1,000 stars in outer space (I am trying to utilize a realistic number), and each star had only 1 planet nearby, there are potentially 1,000 other planets in the entire universe!

For those of you who didn’t quite follow the math, here’s how I came up with 1,000 potential planets:

1,000 stars in the sky (I have verified that this is a realistic number of stars that exist because I have personally counted up to this number)

1 planet by each star (I tried to be conservative and assumed that each star only has 1 planet)


1,000 (number of stars) X 1 (number of planets) = 1,000 potential planets!

With numbers that large, there’s a thought that can boggle your mind.

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