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Colliding Galaxies: Can the Milky Way Galaxy Collide with Andromeda?

ARP 87This is one of those things that’s hard to get your head around.  Imagine a collision between two objects whose size is measured in light years!  Despite the fact that the universe is vast – approximately 93 billion light years across, galaxies still manage to run into one another.

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Bodies and Planets Found in Our Whole Solar System


Our solar system is a nine planet system and is part of the Milky Way Galaxy – that oddly named galaxy. There is a bit of controversy around exactly how many planets there are in the solar system because some astronomers don’t count lowly Pluto. Hey, in my mind, if your big enough to be noticed from Earth, you should be counted!

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The Milky Way Galaxy: a Funny Name


We live in the Milky Way Galaxy.  But, why is it called the Milky Way Galaxy?  This sounds like a strange name if you ask me.  Where did this name come from?

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Our Universe: Expanding, Evolving, and Massive in Scale

model-of-the-universeSo….what is the Universe?  The Universe is, well, everything!  It is everything that we know exists and everything else – things we don’t even know, let alone understand.  The Universe contains all the physical things that we can see and touch like matter as well as all the space in between.  It contains all the laws that govern how the things we know behave –  like gravity and time. It encompasses dimensions like height, width and length. It is everything!

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