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Geomagnetic Storm Activity Predicted For September 9-10, 2011

Latest X-Ray Image of the Sun

The National Weather Service –  Space Weather Prediction Center reported today that an R3 solar flare was in progress as of 6:37 PM EST.  This solar flare comes after a similar flare was spawned from the same region of the sun less than 24 hours earlier.  The SWPC is still collecting data from this latest outburst and does not yet know if this event will add to the G1 (minor) storm that is already headed for Earth with an anticipated impact on September 9-10, 2011.

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Sun Flares: How A Solar Flare Affects Planet Earth

When the atmosphere of the sun explodes, an effect known as a solar flare occurs.  Solar flares are intense releases of energy, releasing huge amounts of energy in an instant.  Since Planet Earth relies on energy from the sun and is directly affected by the energy it produces,  instances of a sun flare explosion have a direct impact on Earth as well.  But how exactly do solar flares affect planet earth?

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