Sun Flares: How A Solar Flare Affects Planet Earth

When the atmosphere of the sun explodes, an effect known as a solar flare occurs.  Solar flares are intense releases of energy, releasing huge amounts of energy in an instant.  Since Planet Earth relies on energy from the sun and is directly affected by the energy it produces,  instances of a sun flare explosion have a direct impact on Earth as well.  But how exactly do solar flares affect planet earth?

There are several general hazards to Earth and its inhabitants that a solar flare produces.  One of these is an impact on the space weather near the planet.  Solar flares can cause a high concentration of energized particles to occur in solar winds surround the planet, which can eventually enter Earth’s magnetosphere and cause a variety of radiation hazards to objects within, such as satellites or spacecraft.

Another general hazard caused by solar flares is an increase in radiation that enters our planet.  However, the atmosphere of Earth is able to combat many of these radioactive hazards, greatly reducing the health risks of sun flares.

Large-scale solar flares can produce problems that are far more serious than those produced by the typical solar flare.  The energetic rays given off by a large solar flare can cause a variety of problems for electronic equipment, capable of causing it to become inoperable if a large enough solar explosion occurs.  As our society grows more and more dependent on electronic equipment to assist in our lives, the dangers posed by a potential large-scale solar flare grow as well.  We have not had a large solar flare in modern times, but the danger is looming.

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  • filiberto cabrera says:

    i love dis thing plus i love planets and sun and more science:)


    keenan replied:

    i love to do science all the time”””””””





  • eva says:

    ITs Okayy But Its AWESOME !!!I <3 lovee It Can youu make Me a Website Like this Please!!!!


  • Steve L. Webb says:

    Large scale flares from the sun is something we don’t like to discuss. Because it shows the venerability of of our electronic equipment we rely so much on. Solar flares growing dangers are looming. My point is, when it dose happen all of the grid will be out. We will be “Toast”, nuclear power plants don’t have cold shut-downs. They need electric power to function the cooling systems.


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