Geomagnetic Storm Activity Predicted For September 9-10, 2011

Latest X-Ray Image of the Sun

The National Weather Service –  Space Weather Prediction Center reported today that an R3 solar flare was in progress as of 6:37 PM EST.  This solar flare comes after a similar flare was spawned from the same region of the sun less than 24 hours earlier.  The SWPC is still collecting data from this latest outburst and does not yet know if this event will add to the G1 (minor) storm that is already headed for Earth with an anticipated impact on September 9-10, 2011.

Geomagnetic storms can be caused by solar flares and are a temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere.  During a geomagnetic storm, sections of the ionosphere will become unstable or disappear and auroras will be seen at the poles.  In this latest event, the solar flares have been caused by the energetic sunspot # 1283.

Current Sunspots

Strong geomagnetic storms can wreak havoc on our communications systems and electrical grid – which is a reason the National Weather Service keeps an eye on them.  Strong geomagnetic storms can cause radio signal blackouts, disruptions of navigation systems (GPS), damage to satellites, and power outages.

Since the sun is heading into a more active sunspot cycle, the potential for more frequent geomagnetic storms is a real possibility.


This is a summary of what actually happened.  This information was provided to us by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center:

Category R1 (Minor) radio blackouts were observed on 05, 09, and 10 September due to flare activity from active sunspot Regions 1283 and 1286.  An R2 (Moderate) radio blackout was observed on 08 September due to flare activity from sunspot Region 1283.  R3 (Strong) radio blackouts were observed on 06-07 September from Region 1283. 

A category G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm occurred on 09 September due to an earth directed coronal mass ejection.  Category G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm conditions occurred on 10 September due to continued effects from the coronal mass ejection.

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6 Responses to “Geomagnetic Storm Activity Predicted For September 9-10, 2011”

  • robert says:

    omg the day has pasted and it is over thank god and it will probly happen agian this year so keep your eyes pealed if u live at the north or south poles lol


  • boib says:

    i love this stuff, its really educational and like i really care.


    brother of boib replied:

    Thats amazing


  • ana says:

    is the sun green or what color is it


    walker replied:

    it is red anda huge ball of fire.


  • Henrique says:

    Nothing has changed, yet evehitryng is changing! We concentrate on what’s happening on Earth with global warming and the potential of nuclear holocaust, but the reality is is that we live in a cosmic universe. Man has been conditioned to believe that evehitryng in life is within his control, that divine intervention will somehow preserve the cause; but the reality is is that there are things in a cosmic universe that may be beyond man’s control. One would hope and expect that there are higher beings out there who will save man from the inevitable, that being that Earth’s life, as well as it’s Sun, is finite. I have to believe in the reality of existence because I feel that I am! I suppose that with a cataclysmic disaster, no one would suffer. I suppose that all things are possible, but that very little is predictable. We’re all destined to become victims of our destiny, but as we are not super humans, our destiny controls us!


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